The Girl Next Door


There’s a girl who lives next door. With loose auburn curls and a polite smile. She was beautiful and everyone she met always told her so. Her parents were proud of her; she always got good grades. Her neighbors knew her for her little acts of kindness. Her friends loved her for being so down to earth. Yes, she was the center of attention everywhere she went. And as much as she enjoyed the attention, there was one person who loved paying her attention; a little more than she would have wanted.

The window on the second floor to the right side faced the neighbors, and as it happened, was her bedroom window. She had made a seat out of the extended window ledge and often sat there to read. Her room was a light shade of peach and complimented her mahogany furniture just well. He specially loved how a little teddy bear sat on her bookshelf, leaned against her books. It was homey, just how he liked it. He enjoyed watching her in her window, she was full of life and surprises. Sometimes, when she came out of the shower, she would pace around her room in her towel; she was curvy and he loved how the towel stuck to her skin.

Every night before bedtime, she preferred a glass of cold water. It helped her relax after her jog after supper. There were times when she forgot to lock her window at night; it provided him the perfect opportunity to watch her sleep up close. When she slept, she sometimes breathed heavily, and at times it sounded like a soft whistle. He left her little tokens of his visits by the window, but she never figured it was from him. You see, the window that faced hers, always had the drapes drawn. She often wondered who might live behind it; sometimes hoping it would be the boy from history class who always sat beside her. Even though they were neighbors, he had never spoken to her; she wondered if he ever would show interest in her; and she intended to find out.

She asked him to come over for dinner and work on their homework together. She led him through the front door, welcoming him with a smile. Her parents were out for the night, attending a business dinner. He seemed shy at first, so she spoke about herself. She said she was a sucker for lavenders; and he told him he liked how her hair smelled of them. She smiled at the progress they were making. Then they talked about hobbies and he told her how he loved watching her sleep. It sounded so genuine, he didn’t understand why she would ask him to leave. But how could he walk out now? He had waited for this for months.

Yes. There was a girl who lived next door. She smelled of lavender and had beautiful white skin; and when she laughed, it was like a chime. Her parents were proud of her, she had been such a good child. Her neighbors remembered her for her kindness, they loved how she offered to carry their grocery bags inside. Her friends adored her for being the lively one, she always knew how to cheer them up. But something had happened to her and they never found out what; for she had gone missing.

There was a window at her neighbor’s place, where the drapes were always drawn. No one knew why the boy didn’t like sunlight; some wondered what he had to hide. He seemed like such a gentleman, always quiet and well-mannered. He always preferred to stay indoors, and no one figured out why. Behind the closed drapes, there was a little shrine. There had been earrings and bracelets and photographs before. But now there was the girl herself, in little pieces among her trinkets. He would never have to sneak peeks anymore, she was his for the keeps.




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