They Hear Us


I sighed in relief after shutting the door behind me. Once I was inside I felt safe, comfortable. Being cut off from the outside world felt secure – almost like being inside my own room. I was able to see them, but they couldn’t; and that made me feel powerful in my own way. Perhaps, that was what made me feel entirely safe inside taxi cabs.

Little do we realize that the taxi cabs we consider to be a safe haven are in reality far from that. Often people spill out their deepest secrets inside taxi cabs – from marital problems to political plots, little is left to the imagination of one who might be listening. And in 90% of the cases, there is someone always listening – the driver.

Whenever we take a cab, we usually tend to forget or ignore the driver and continue with our normal behavior or continue conversations which are better carried behind closed doors. A majority of us believe that the driver would not be one to talk, but sometimes not everyone is good at keeping secrets.

Even I have sometimes let my guard down inside taxi cabs and discussed things which I should have not – but luckily for me, none of those things left the taxi cab. But for many, this is not the case. It is a known fact that in most parts of the world, taxi drivers are part of massive intelligence networks, often used by both private and government investigators to get information. Though there is no evidence of such a network existing in the Maldives – the topic is not entirely closed from being debated on.

I myself have met a couple of taxi drivers, who loved to chat about what their passengers discussed and did in the backseat of the car. There was one instance where the driver even went on to hint about how he was tipped off to trade some “confidential” information, which was capable of ruining someone else’s life.

So maybe next time if we feel the urge to discuss or do something that is rather personal or confidential inside taxi cabs, do think twice before doing it. Because we simply cannot afford to have some of our secrets out there, for the world to revel in.


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