A Timeless Tale

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With an estimated population just a little above 1000, ADh. Fenfushi is a breathtaking island which boasts a number of historical sites. Host to many tourists, Fenfushi is popular among those who seek an exotic getaway as well as those who are curious about the history of the island nation.

The island is perfect for travelers staying in nearby islands and resorts. You can often see most of them taking day-trips to the island, rich in antiquity. Unlike other heritage sites, Fenfushi is unique as it has something to offer for us all. Though the island has seen development throughout it’s almost eight century history, the historical sites of the island still remain unscathed. And the heritage site in the midst of the island narrates the tales of the time past.

Rocks stacked one upon another surrounds the mosque; the first “Hukuru Miskiy” built in the heart of the island. Home to a royal bath, a sundial and a graveyard, the century’s old mosque still stands tall, striking enough to captivate any passerby. The graveyard surrounds the mosque, taking up most of the space – there are speculations surrounding two graves in the site that a father and his son are buried in the same grave along with the mother and her daughter, who rest side by side.

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A little inside the road, you will find a sundial, though ages old built on a stack of rocks it still is one of the main attractions of the heritage site. For eight centuries, since the Maldivians embraced Islam, the sundial has stood to point prayer times for those who take heed. The intricate wood carvings on the door and the windows of the mosque are a strong reminder of the beautiful artistic work of the Maldivians. The inside of the mosque is decorated with striking Arabic calligraphy and lacquer work.

Excavated during the early 2000’s, the royal bath would be found just outside the mosque to a side. Like others, the royal bath is intriguing, though not much is known about it. But it sure adds up to the beauty and uniqueness of the heritage site in the island. Said to be excavated, the royal bath now has a roof and surrounding walls that protect the antique bath from withering away with time.

Either way, a short trip to the island would be absolutely perfect for those who have a sense of adventure. You should definitely put it up on your bucket list, if you want to experience something entirely timeless and unique!


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