BBQing with Style!


Every week, hundreds of people look forward to spending a peaceful and tranquil weekend in the neighboring island of Hulhumale’ – which is just a 20 minute ferry ride from the capital Male’. The wide roads of the island allow children run wild and free while the lush greenery creates a satiable environment for all.

The biggest beach in the greater Male’ region, the Hulhumale’ beach stretches along the length of the reclaimed beauty. Exotic eateries serving Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine are found at almost every corner of the island while many indulge in the diverse water sports offered by the island.

However, what happens to be in the cynosure of it all is the Hulhumale’ BBQ Point, which has been revamped recently to serve a larger number of people simultaneously. Revamped or not, the point had been the ultimate destination for BBQ lovers in the capital region – with thousands of people using it every week – ever since the establishment of the point. With tables and chairs made of concrete, the revamped BBQ point provides its visitors with a cleaner and more comfortable ambience than the previous one.

I am definitely glad to have suggested the idea of a BBQ when my friends planned on having a time out last weekend – the time spent there definitely was one of the best in recent times. I was amazed as to how the point overlooked the newly reclaimed area of the island – hundreds of hectares of land, stretched the point of visibility.

On my right side, the infamous beach of Hulhumale’ awaited. I was able hear the faint sound of the waves breaking and the children screaming, their sand castles lying in ruins. But the best of it all was seeing the different families, who had come together to create memories which would go on to last for a lifetime. It was quite a scene to watch how the children reacted in awe when their fathers lit up the grill – the fire dancing to the song of the wind.

At the end of the day, the flaming hot chicken on my plate made me realize that the point is one of those things that everyone in the country needed desperately; a point to come and relax after a stressful week at work or school, a getaway for the housewives who had been busy with their daily chores all week.

What made the experience even better was knowing that we would be able to travel to the point in the luxury of our own cars, dancing to our music in the near future – bye-bye to those unpleasant ferry rides! Until then, let’s just take a moment and enjoy the beauty of the spectacular point, which has evolved beautifully.


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