Crossing Borders; Transcending Continents


With infinite stretches of sand and sea, tourism in the Maldives has always enjoyed the best of both worlds – luxury or budget. The number of tourists who are willing to travel miles and miles just to get a taste of the tropical fruits found in the Maldives are increasing annually – but the question still remains – how many actually know what the “Maldives” really is? That is about to change, with the latest initiative by the Public Service Media (PSM), who are bringing you the first-ever international channel to be telecasted from the Maldives.

This new English channel aims to reach out to travelers on a global market – and to promote the exotic destination through television screen across the world. The channel was launched during the 2016 World Travel Market by His Excellency Ahmed Shiaan, Ambassador of the Maldives to the United Kingdom – a grand launching for an ambitious project.

With its shows slated to premier towards the end of the year, Maldives TV will bring you different tastes of this Indian Ocean archipelago – some of which you have seen, and others that will be brand new experiences even for the seasoned traveller! Though its main focus will be to promote the travel and tourism industry of the island nation, it will also provide essential information to potential travelers about the best times to visit the country, top picks for tourist resorts and more. The channel is designed to depict the unique holiday experiences the island nation has to offer to all the travelers. It will cater to all tastes, all ages and all nationalities.

Programmes will include the rich culture and history of the country, tourism activities, as well as the underwater beauty and much more! It will also open the gateway for local and international brands operating in the country to reach out to a wider global audience to advertise and market their resorts or products – a golden opportunity that cannot be missed!.

Through Maldives TV, PSM gears up to broadcast the untainted beauty of the Maldives to screens across the globe with Maldives TV, as well as to provide a whole new platform for travel marketing in the Maldives!!

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