Luxury on a Budget

Maldives, known for its hospitality and beauty, has for a long time boasted of the luxurious holiday getaways that it has in store for the whole world at large. From five star resorts with private water villas to the luxury suites offered by various hotels in the capital, Maldives has been labeled as a “luxury” destination, meant only for the rich – until now. For those of you who have always dreamt of a “budget holiday” in the Maldives, check out the following destinations which are just as beautiful as any other corner of the Maldives!



Thulusdhoo is less than an hour by boat from the capital. Famous among many surfers for Coke’s surf point off the coast of the island, Thulusdhoo has many guesthouses which specifically cater to surfers who require basic facilities. Higher-end guest houses are developing day by day in the island to attract a wider variety of travelers. 5 nights in the island could cost up to as cheap as $599 – a lucky offer for those seeking the perfect budget holiday!


Just 20 minutes away from the capital lies Hulhumale’; one of the most common choices amongst travelers for budget destinations. The island offers various high-end guesthouse packages with activities ranging from water sports to night fishing and diving. 4 nights in the island adds up to $499, but is worth it given the serene and quiet experience of the island – just minutes from the international airport!


Famed as the largest producer of watermelons in the Maldives, Thoddoo is one of the most beautiful islands in the Alif Alif Atoll. Important Buddhist remains have also been found in areas of the island, discovered during an excavation in the 1950’s. 4 nights in Thoddoo adds up to $499, another great price for a lovely time.


Rasdhoo3 (Custom)

Known for its guesthouse business, Rasdhoo is a small island and the capital of the Alif Alif atoll. With a score of souvenir shops, Rasdhoo has become a common day-trip destination among many tourists staying in nearby resorts. 4 nights in Rasdhoo is charged at only $399 – recommended for those who wish to experience the local Maldivian life.


Maafushi4 (Custom)

There would be no guesthouse business without the beautiful island of Maafushi, as it is celebrated as the birthplace of the business. The island lies just 45 minutes from the capital and boasts over a dozen guesthouses offering various activities to travelers – one of the most common being watersports. 5 nights in Maafushi sums up to $499, a reasonable price given the competitive edge of the island.

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