Tourist Police: Helping Those in Need


Are you looking forward to a holiday in the Maldives, but fear that you might not be able to get around? Are you worried that something unexpected might happen, which you are not ready for? Well, worry no more. Because, Maldives Police Service have stepped up their game and introduced the “Tourist Police” – a special unit dedicated to visiting tourists in the Maldives.

Founded six years ago, the unit began its services on 29th March 2009 and was officially recognized as a separate unit in 2012. Their services were first given from the capital city – though a year later they were relocated to Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, much to the benefit of the many tourists having a hard time at the airport.

Tourists receive a wide array of services through the unit such as; location of misplaced and lost items as well as passports, solutions to reservation issues, arrival and departure problems. In addition to these, the unit also provides guidance to those who are lost and those who are unable to find their way around the greater Male’ region.

Officers of the unit also work hard to ensure the safety of the tourists. As such they are in constant check of illegal tour guides. According some of the officers, there have been instances where both locals and expatriates had been caught misleading and misinforming tourists in the guise of guides. Once caught, they are checked to see whether they hold a valid tour guide license and if not, steps are taken against them accordingly.

One of the busiest time periods for the tourist police are when cruise ships visit the capital city. During these times, they hand over information leaflets to all the tourists who visit the city from the cruises. The leaflets contain all of the necessary information for the tourist to get around without ease.

With their services being given 24 hours a day through two counters at the airport, the tourist police unit is set to grow bigger in the near future. But for now, their services are definitely making a change, as they help hundreds of tourists who are in need of help.

That being said, let your frowns be replaced by excitement as you plan your vacation in this beautiful island nation. From your arrival to your departure, the Tourist Police unit of the Maldives Police Service ensures your safety. Let your vacation start with welcoming smiles and if you’re ever in doubt, simply dial 9790070!




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