Travel Diaries: Addu City


Hey People,
Finally, after months of planning and waiting like an eager 5-year-old for that first glimpse of a pet, I managed to travel to the beautiful isles of the magnificent Addu City. Honestly, I still could not believe that I am here – South of the Zero Degree Latitude. My hour-long flight to Gan was, let’s just say that words could not do it proper justice. The blue ocean glittering beneath me and the atoll formations visible from up high was just beyond my wildest dreams.

Anyways, after a great ride around the infamous Gan Island, I finally decided to head over to The Sea House Addu – where I was to stay for the weekend. So basically, here I am getting excited over the beautiful mangroves and the long rides I would be facing to reach the breathtaking destinations of the islands all the while writing everything up – you know, just in case I forgot those teensy details of this trip.   



Road Trip around Addu City!

One of the most spectacular things about Addu City is perhaps how four islands of the atoll are connected through the “Link Road”. Even though the road is famed for fatal accidents, I was not afraid to push my friend to hit the 80 mph mark on the road – and the ride was one to remember! The turbulence was strong enough to actually knock me off the bike, or so I say.

Stopping by the beautiful scenery every now and then, I had a great time during my first day alone. Forests that seem to stretch on to kilometers gave me great photos; my Instagram is definitely going to be booming with likes this weekend!


Tranquil Greenery, With a Touch Of The Brits! 

After having spent a whole day riding around Addu and taking in that beautiful scenery, I decided to visit the Gan Island once again. As I rode around with my friend, we were taken aback by the natural beauty of the island alone – it was as if for a moment, I had stepped back in time. I was able to see the British who resided in the island back during the days playing volley in the backyard courts, while others sat and drank their tea by the benches outside the living quarters – which are now almost in ruins, abandoned.

The Equator Village – consisting of 78 rooms nestled around a lovely garden courtyard with beautiful flowering shrubs is also situated in Gan, and it’s a must-stay hotel if you long for that true Maldivian experience.


Diving for the thrill!

Yes, I know how it sounds like! But no, I did not dive (can’t seem to do that with all the fish-phobia going on!) But, I was able to dig around and find out what happens to be a very rare dive spot in the region. The British Loyalty – which was a cargo ship, torpedoed by the Japanese during World War II lies on the seabed near Maradhoo and serves as the perfect wreck site for divers looking for that thrill! Imagine diving around and actually seeing something that was bombed in the Maldivian waters during a World War. One word: Wow!


Leaving behind a piece of me!

My two day trip in Addu was, definitely short-lived. I still have the urge to go around and explore the atoll and its vast majority of beautiful mangroves and swamps. But I guess this is it for now – until next time! But Addu definitely lived up to what I have heard before, and the British influence is clearly visible the moment you set foot in the beautiful islands.





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