Villimale’: Your Little Dose of Euphoria


It is very natural to forget what seclusion feels like when you live amidst a concrete jungle crammed with people in every corner. You eventually yearn for the peace and silence that the nature holds when your everyday life becomes a ceaseless series of work and meetings.

Little did I know that there was a tiny piece of heaven waiting at the end of the ferry boat that I had boarded. Five or so minutes of counting waves and staring at the horizon led me to a welcoming ambiance of solitude and natural beauty. The greenery and quaintness of Villimale’ seemed estranging at first but as I was observing the ordinary island-like lifestyle that people led on that island, I felt a sense of tranquility. Houses that didn’t stand pompously reaching out to the skies, the bicycles, the sandy roads and the strange quietness in the environment was nothing like the capital city Male’.

It did come across as a surprise to me that Villimale’ is not at all influenced by the city life of its first neighbour as people are always travelling back and forth between the two places. Walking along the roads of the island felt like you’re walking through history to the time when the roads of male’ weren’t so congested and busy.

There are two beaches in Villimale’, both of which are tourist as well as local attractions for picnics. One beach has a house reef where snorkeling and diving is carried out and the other beach faces the skyline of male’; both providing picnickers the ideal spot to lay down a blanket and unfold a picnic basket under the shade of the many trees. Every weekend, hundreds of people are seen swimming in the clear waters. It felt heavenly to be able to walk on the beach alongside the turquois water. And strolling around the island, getting occasional chills from the air that didn’t come from an AC, what more could I ask for?

To those who have a knack for watersports, Villimale’ offers a wide range of sports. From Jetski rides to paddle boating and fly boarding, Villimale’ is vibrant and brimming with exciting activities. The island is a personal favorite to every family I know as the perfect BBQ spot on weekends. If you’re looking for an overnight stay, the island has a couple of cozy inns where you can book rooms for reasonable prices, how cool is that?


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